Changing Your Settings

After you've logged in for the first time, you will see a page with your current settings. It consists of the data you've submitted during registration, and a small number of additional options.

Changing Your Avatar

Sizeadvisors automatically fetches a generated user image (an avatar) for your account. This is provided by To upload your own image, you need to register and link your e-mail address with the image you would like to use.

Getting the Newsletter

Since you have registered for the ALPHA test, you may like to stay up to date with the latest developments. The newsletter is sent out a few times a year. To subscribe, just click the link called 'Subscribe'.

Submitting Your Measurements

By submitting measurements, you'll get a report that calculates your shoes size as well as the option to set a size filter for your recommendations.

In the near future, this will also be used to determine which other members you'll follow, thereby increasing the number fit estimations available to you, as well as the data of current fit estimations.

Reading Your Measurement Report

The measurement report calculates your shoe size for the three main systems – UK, US, and EU – as well as a comparison of your foot shape.

Editing Your Measurements

Click the link called 'Edit your measurements'.

Switching Your Size Filter

The size filter is only available if your submitted measurements. The filter allows you to restrict the list of recommendation you get by the deviation from your reference size(s).

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