Recommendations are based on the ratings of other members you follow. Whom you follow is, in turn, based on your ratings. There are three main pages:

  • Shoes: This lists available shoe models build on fittings that are estimated to fit best.
  • Fittings: A "fitting" in Sizeadvisors' terminology is a combination of a particular shoe last, its width and best size.
  • Requests: Find out what ratings others are looking for.

The following explanations presuppose Sizeadvisors found other members for you to follow, and these members rated at least some others lasts.

Shoe recommendations

This page lists available shoe models build on the recommended fittings. Fittings are considered if they have an estimated fit greater than 3 stars.

Sizeadvisors: Similar fit recommendations entry

By using your mouse pointer to hover over the images, you'll see the details of the shoe.Clicking an image opens the page of a vendor of that shoe in a new window.

Note: The list of available models is currently outdated.

Fitting recommendations

This page lists all fittings – a last-width-size combination in Sizeadvisors' terminology – with an estimated fit. The estimated fit is based on the ratings of members you follow.

Here's how it currently looks like if you rated a shoe build on Loake's Capital last in UK 8.0-F with 4 stars (ie. as "very comfortable"):

Sizeadvisors: Similar fit recommendations entry

You'll note that Loake's Capital last is the first one the list. This enable Sizeadvisors to show you models build on the fitting under "shoe recommendations" (see above).

Here's how to read the information for a single recommended fitting:

  • Estimated fit: The number in the green box displays the estimated fit of this particular last-width-size combination. You'll note that it's less than 4 stars although the results are for somebody who rated it with 4 stars. This is because the fit estimation is configured to be conservative. The more evidence in the form of ratings there is, the higher the estimated fit.
  • The last-width combination: Sizeadvisors considers the width a part of the last. This is because widths are only defined to be relative to that last, so width designations are not absolute.
  • Find shoes: Click this link to get to a page with models build on that last/width combination. If there are no known available models for that last, you'll find a link to the homepage of the shoe maker to find the models for yourself.
  • Check recommendations: Click this link to get to a page providing you with an overview. This is discussed in more details below.
  • Best size: To the right, the green number denotes the best fitting size for that last, given the available evidence (ie. the ratings of other members you follow).
  • Relative size: The gray number on the right denotes the difference of the best size to your references size for the system. The is only available if you provided measurements, so your reference sizes can be calculated. In the image above, no measurements were submitted, so the relative size is not available (n.a.).

The variety of recommendations depends on the variety of your ratings. The more ratings you provide, the more members you'll follow, and the more ratings can be used for your recommendations. Also, the more precise the fit estimations will be, on average.

If you get no results, no other member rated the last-width combinations you've rated. Try adding more ratings – maybe, by going to the next store and trying a few popular last-width combinations.

Check recommendations

For every recommendation, there's a page providing an overview why that fitting has been recommended, and its fit estimated as displayed.

Sizeadvisors: Details for a sizing recommendations

The graph in the overview displays the estimated fit for every size that could be estimated. Which sizes can be estimated depends on whether somebody you follow provided a ratings for that size.

The list below the graph shoe how it was rated by the members you follow, including the annotations they provided.

Searching by brand or last

You can also search (or filter) your recommendations. This is useful if you want to know which last-width combinations are most likely to fit well for a particular brand, or if you already pre-selected a particular model made on a specific last.


It's easy to add a rating if you don't have to enter all the information yourself. Check out the requests of members following you (most of the time, you're also following them) to see if you can help them by adding a rating.


  • "There's no recommendation for the last I'm looking for!"
    This is either because no one else has rated the last in question, or you have an active size filter and its best size is too different from your reference size.
  • "There's absolutely no chance I fit in the sizes recommended to me!"
    This is typically the case if your feet are not "true to size". For instance, you may have gotten used to wear shoes in a D width (for US-sized shoes) while you should have tried EEE widths.

A Word of Warning

Traditionally made shoes consists of natural materials. Depending on the brand, a varying degree of hand work is involved. Additionally, the shoe industry considers it the customers' responsibility to find and select a shoe that fits. Consequently, brands differ in regard to the consistency of fit.

In other words: shoes made on the same last, in the same size and width, may sometimes feel (slightly) different.

Sizeadvisors tries to take care about these differences by aggregating ratings for a particular fitting. But it takes a larger sample of ratings to distinguish brands who provide a consistent fit from those who do not.

For this reason, you should always use recommendations responsible: If you can, use a local dealer to test a particular pair of shoes. If it feels uncomfortable, ask for different pair of the same model, in the same size and width. You may find, it feels differently, and maybe better.

If it doesn't, provide an appropriate rating, so recommendations get better for everybody else.

If you need to order online, make sure to use an online store that makes it easy and inexpensive for you to send the shoes back.

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