By submitting ratings about shoes you've tried, you help other members to find fitting shoes, and you get help from other members what other shoes might fit you.

A rating basically consists of two parts:

  1. The shoes you're about to rate.
  2. The judgment you would like to make about the fit.

To start, click 'Ratings > 'Add new rating' in the upper navigation bar.

Providing Shoe Information

To correctly identify the shoes you're about to rate, you need to provide several pieces of information, organized into two sections:

  • The first section is called 'Upper'. It includes:
    • The name (or number) of the model.
    • And the name of the brand.
  • The second section is called 'Fitting' and includes:
    • The name (or number) of the last.
    • The name of the last maker.
    • The width of the last.
    • And the shoe size.

Providing Upper Information

You need to enter the model and the brand of the shoes you're about to rate.

Sizeadvisors helps you entering the information by checking the database for known shoe models. For example, consider a 'Aldwych' by Loake. To enter a rating for this pair of shoe, first type the name of the model.

Sizeadvisors: Entering the shoe model

If you have JavaScript enabled, a list of potential model names appears. You can navigate the list by using the 'Up' and 'Down' arrows. To select an entry, hit 'Return'. To get to the next field called "Brand", hit 'Tab'.

Tip: Don't include the model's brand here. If you're unsure what the model is called, use an on-line search engine, or check the home page of the brand.

Next, select the brand 'Loake' from the drop-down list:

Sizeadvisors: Entering the name of the shoe brand

Tip: Some browsers allow you to navigate such lists by typing. In the example, type 'Lo' to jump to the first brand names starting with 'Lo'. You can also navigate such menus by using the Up and Down arrows of your keyboard.

Now, you've successfully identified the upper of the shoes you're about to rate.

Providing Fitting Information

The second section consists of four fields, called last, last maker, width and size.

Sizeadvisors helps you enter the appropriate information if the model is already in the database.

First, enter the name or the number of the last. In the example, Sizeadvisors already suggested 'Capital' as the last name, since Loake's Aldwych is build on the Capital last.

Sizeadvisors Help: Entering the last

Note that some shoe models, however, are build on several different lasts. For instance, Church's popular "Consul" model has been build on the 73 last, the 100 last, and the 173 last over the years. You can always change the information when this is the case. If you don't know what last your shoes was build on, you may want to use a different web site.

Tip: Do not enter additional or redundant information such as the word "last" or the last maker. Sizeadvisors considers "Capital" and "Capital last" and "Loake Capital" to be three different things.

Second, enter the last maker. Select a name in the drop-down menu. In the example, Sizeadvisors already suggested 'Loake' as the last maker.

Sizeadvisors Help: Entering the last maker

Sometimes, you may want to rate shoes that are not in the database. If so, there will be no suggestions. Select the appropriate values.

Tip: The last maker is often the same as the shoe brand. However, some brands such as Herring Shoes, for example, have their shoes build by other companies. In such cases, the last maker is different to the shoe brand and sometimes says so. When in doubt, use the shoe brand; especially for brands like Ralph Lauren.

Third, select the width of the last you've tried. Most brands supported at Sizedvisors have last widths, althought some Europeans brands such as Bexley, or Heschung don't provide lasts in different widths. If so, leave this field blank. Since Loake's Capital last is only available in F, select 'F' as its width.

Sizeadvisors Help: Entering last width

Tip: Make sure to enter a width if possible. Some shoe dealers, especially for Carmina or Meermin, don't provide the last widths for these brands although their lasts do come in different widths.

Finally, select the size of the shoes you've tried. Make sure to use the crrect sizing system (usually UK, US, or EU). For instance, select size "UK 8.0", since Loake's shoes are marked in the UK sizing system.

Sizeadvisors Help: Entering shoe size

Again, you can type the first letters to get to the right sizes and widths, or you can use the 'Up' and 'Down' arrows of your keyboard.

Now, the description of the fitting is complete.

Judging The Fit

This is the important part. It consists of two parts: a required rating score and optional annotations. The rating score is a 4-point scale:

  • '1 - Really Uncomfortable'
  • '2 - Slightly Uncomfortable'
  • '3 - Fairly Comfortable'
  • '4 - Really Comfortable'
Again, some browsers allow you to navigate such a list by typing the first letter. For example, you may type a '3' to get to the forth score: '3 - Fairly Comfortable'.

Sizeadvisors Help: Provide a rating score.

You can also enter annotations to provide additional information to others, or as a reminder for yourself.

Sizeadvisors Help: Annotate the rating score.

Tip: References to other sizes and widths should not be put in the annotation. If you've tried a pair of shoes in two different sizes (or widths), enter two different ratings.

That's it. Now click 'Save' and your shoes and rating information will be saved. You get a message whether this was successful.

Editing a Rating

It may happen that you detect an error (or you got additional information) after you've saved your rating. If that happens, click 'Edit you ratings' to get to the list of your previous ratings, and click 'Edit' in the title of the relevant entry. You will get a screen similar to the one you used for entering the information.

Change or add what you need, and click 'Save' to update your entry.

Request a Rating

Sometimes, you may need a recommendation for shoes not yet being rated. To make it easier for you to find people, you can request a rating. To do so, click "Add a request" in the sidebar.

The procedure is the same as entering a rating, except there are no fields to judge the fit.

Next: You may want to take the time to submit measurements. It helps beginners get started by making your ratings available to them: How to submit measurements at Sizeadvisors

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