To find men's shoes that fit is hard, especially when it comes to quality shoes. Not everyone has the opportunity to try shoes in a store nearby.

Finding good information about fit on the Internet is also hard. Opinions by others are sometimes buried in large forums with thousands of threads, some of them hundreds of pages long. Discussions may cover many different topics and not just fit.

Even when you find the information you're looking for, it's sometimes ambiguous, or incomplete. Even if not, trying to make sense out of the different experiences requires time and dedication.

Sizeadvisors tries to make all that a bit easier.


Sizeadvisors is developed for the sole purpose to help you find quality shoes that fit.

It does so by using commonalities between you and other members of the site to determine whom you'll follow. By following others, their experience – expressed as a list of ratings how certain shoes fit – is used to:

  • Determine the best fitting size for a given last/width combination if possible. This gives you a better chance of ordering a size that fits if you've already pre-selected a certain pair of shoe made on that last/width combination.
  • Determine an order of fit between all known last/width combinations. This gives you the opportunity to find shoes made on last/width combinations that are most likely to fit best.

Currently, the commonality between you and others is determined by comparing your fit ratings to those of others.

Another way rests on measurements of your feet and those of others. This is currently under development.

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