Getting an Account

Creating an Account

You can register an account here. After you submitted the necessary information, you will receive an e-mail, asking you to confirm your account. Click the link provided in the e-mail to do so. You'll then get a message that your account is activated.

Then, you can log into your new account by using the login form in the upper right corner on the front page.


  • "I get the message 'Enter a valid value.' when trying to register"
    Your selected user name contains invalid characters. Use a combination of letters, numbers and the underscore "_".
  • "I get the message 'Account Activation Failed'"
    You probably double-clicked the link in the activation e-mail or your e-mail client fetched the page before you did. First, check your e-mail. You probably have received an e-mail from us that the account is activated. If you did get no e-mail, contact the administrator.
  • "I can't log-in!"
    The login form is the green horizontal bar on the homepage. You can also use the Login page. If neither works, please contact me.

Deleting an Account

If you want to have your account deleted, contact the administrator. Deletion should happen within 24 hours, and is not reversible. No questions asked!

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