This system is very inconvenient

I understand you want to connect men with very similar feet, but what is the problem with letting people read about the fit of shoes generally even if it's not exactly their size? I would find that useful. At least them I would have some information. Whereas now I can't read about anything until your website decides I match someone.

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Claus June 11, 2016

I apologize for the late reply. It seems I overlooked the notification e-mail for this one.

To answer your question:

I can only speculate what alternative you have in mind. Possibly, there is now a site that provide a service that you may like:

Please check it out. It provides a list of "People who wear <some fitting> are also wearing". And you can also browse all the data.

The result is basically what I get if I browse shoe-related forums. Sometimes, there's nothing I'm interested in. Sometimes, there are some result, but I don't know if they apply to me, and if so how. If there are results that look useful, it's usually a sample size of one. If there is more than one result, they occasionally contradict eachother.

Overall, I think it's a lot of clicking and searching.

I understand it's frustrating to go through all the hoops in Sizeadvisors only to find out that the information you're looking for isn't there (yet).

However, as I see it, the only way to get better results is by getting more data. This depends on people participating and that means sharing their own experiences in the form of ratings.

Hope this helps.

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