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I clicked on "Check Recommendation" on "Unknown last for RM Williams" for UK 7.5 and landed on . Noting that "Member 2265" left a rating for this last, I click on his name ( On this page, I can only see 2 other ratings the member has left for Loake and Meermin, and the R.M. Williams rating is missing. Even if a filter is in place to hide <3.0 last ratings, I think it would be helpful to be able to see these ratings to compare sizes.

Expected: Member page should show all ratings.



Claus June 24, 2015

This is a bit complicated.

I would change it to showing all ratings if (1) more members would request it, and (2) there are no objections from the top contributers to Sizeadvisors.

Here's why:

When I build Sizeadvisors, one of the goals was a certain kind of anonymity.

This is why there's only member numbers like "Member 2265" in the main pages, for instance. Another example is showing only the shoes you have in common with another member.

In your case, you as well as Member 2265 rated a Loake and a Meermin last. These are shown, so you can decide whether you'd like to unfollow the other member. I'm aware that this is not made clear on these pages, but I haven't had a good idea how to fix this, yet.

Strictly speaking, this is anonymity by obscurity, because it's possible to reconstruct another member's ratings by going through your own recommendations. The current solution is a compromise.

Additionally, showing the other ratings on these pages – such as the one for R.M. Williams – contradicts, in my opinion, the main idea of aggregating the ratings based on lasts.


zanglang June 25, 2015

Thanks for answering. It didn't cross my mind that the filtering also applies for brands in common.

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