Why the limited number of brands?

As titled. Why not add other brands also just as available to the general public, e.g. Viberg, Riders, Whites, Rancourt, Quoddy, Yuketen etc? I expect users of this website would also more likely purchase high quality MiUSA footwear of the abovementioned brands.



Claus June 18, 2015

Nobody told me he wanted these brands to be added until now.

As a general guideline, I only add brands that provide last information, or that use traditional manufacturing methods.

All the brands you mentioned have been added now. If you can think of others, please let me know.


zanglang June 23, 2015

Thanks! I've only suggested a few brands that frequently appear as user submissions/renews on Reddit's /r/goodyearwelt subforum.

On a separate note, you mentioned that the brands ought to have last information, but I noticed "Sperry" being in the brand list even though their products don't seem to provide a last number... in this case, would it be better to state "N/A" or leave as blank when submitting ratings?


Claus June 23, 2015

No problem. Let me know if you find additional brands you want added. Recommendations depend on people submitting ratings for those brands, of course.

As for the last information: You can leave the field blank when submitting ratings. It will show up as an unknown last.

Be aware that this is currently being used to find additional men for you to follow. For instance, if you would add a rating for an unknown Bexley last, you'll start following other members who also rated an unknown last by Bexley.

Since unknown lasts can mean different things, your recommendations might become a bit less precise.


zanglang June 24, 2015

Thanks for the quick reply. I'd like to suggest a few more brands as well, with a focus on MiUSA boot and handsewn companies, and a few overseas brands:

- Baker's
- Chevalier
- Chippewa Boots
- Danner
- Dayton Boots
- Eastland Made in Maine
- Ed Et Al
- Kent Wang
- L. L. Bean
- Luxire
- MOTO (http://www.motostyle.jp/)
- New England Outerwear Company
- Oak Street Bootmakers
- Thorogood
- Wolverine
- WWII Impressions

I don't know if you're open to having sneaker brands on the list, but if you do:

- Buttero
- Common Projects
- Epaulet

And whilst you're still here, re: people submitting ratings I realized your site has not been formally posted on Reddit. I wonder if you'd be open to having your site posted on https://www.reddit.com/r/goodyearwelt/ (shoe collection subforum) to get some more views? Or if you would like to formally post yourself that would be great too. :)


Claus June 24, 2015

To answer your questions in reverse:

If you're active on the Reddit subforum, posting a link to Sizeadvisors would be cool. I would need to make a new account, ask the moderators, and even if it's approved, it would still look like spam.

I checked the sneaker brands, but they provide no last information and I found nothing about how they are manufactured, so I assumed they are glued. I have no problem with sneakers per se, but they fall outside of Sizeadvisors' current scope. Sorry. :(

I'll check the other brands later, and will add all that fit the criteria.


zanglang Jan. 6, 2016

Hello, it's me again! Could you add the following brands?

- Ace Boot Co. (http://aceboot.com/)
- George Cleverley
- Nicks Custom Boots (http://nicksboots.com/)
- Truman Boot Co.(www.trumanboot.com)

Notable American/Japanese brands:

- Buzz Ricksons (http://www.buzzricksons.com/)
- John Lofgren & Co.
- Lone Wolf Boots (http://lonewolfboots-store.jp/)
- Mister Freedom (http://www.misterfreedom.com/)

And many international shoemakers that I've noticed gaining popularity on Styleforum and other shoe forums... you may decide if they are worth adding or not. ;)

- Chevalier (http://chevalierstore.com/)
- Junkard Company (http://junkardcompany.com/)
- Sagara (http://sagaraindonesia.com/site/)
- Santalum
- TXTURE (http://txture.asia/about/)

- Comme Ca Ism (http://online.commecaism.jp/)
- Haruta (https://www.haruta-shoes.co.jp/)
- Regal (http://www.regal.co.jp/shoes/)
- Sanyo Yamacho (http://www.sanyoyamacho.com/)
- White Kloud (http://whitekloud.jp/)

- Diamond Walker (http://www.diamond-walker.com/)

- Tomrich (http://tomrichshoes.com/)

- LLYR (https://www.facebook.com/atelier.llyr/)

- O'Ringo (http://www.oringoshoes.com/)
- Turn Right Co. (http://www.turnright.com.tw/index.html)


Claus Jan. 6, 2016

Thanks. I'll look at it.

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