Too big or too small would help more

First, thanks for undertaking this project. It is helpful.

I think that a quantitative rating would be more helpful, however, than a qualitative.

If the shoe fits with 4 Stars, it is self-explanatory, but all other fittings may be less than perfect because they are too long or too short, too wide or too narrow. This is very important.

If I and another gentleman each rate a shoe 3 Stars, he because it is a bit wide and I because it is a bit narrow, and he rates a shoe I am interested in as 2 Stars because it is just too wide, well, it might be a good fit for me, even with a 2 Star rating from him.

I hope that makes sense.

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Claus March 3, 2013

Thank you for the suggestion.

If I understand you correctly, the idea is to use a two-tailed rating system with numbers raging from a negative end to a positive end for at least one dimension, but maybe more. For instance, there might be one rating for volume (really narrow, slightly narrow, perfect, slightly wide, really wide) and another for length (really long, slightly long, perfect, slightly short, really short).

If I were to implement Sizeadvisors, again, I'd surely consider it. Today, a switch doesn't seem feasible, I'm afraid. We'd probably loose more information than we'd gain.

For this to work, it would be necessary to convert existing ratings. This cannot be done automatically, so every member would have to edit his ratings manually. Unfortunately, some members may be impossible to contact since Sizeadvisors allows anonymous e-mails for registration. Some of those I could reach may not bother. Every old rating would have to be removed from the system if it cannot be converted.

While your idea could probably help to reduce the number of false negative recommendations (ie. fittings shown not to fit although they would), the cost of switching is too high, I think.

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