I accidentally choose cm when inputting my measurements. There was no way to change the units to inches after the fact. So I had to manually convert my measurements (taken in inches) to centimeters using google converter. Please allow the option to change units after the inItial input page!



Claus April 22, 2010

Thanks for the report. I've put it on my TODO list.

Until this is fixed: please leave the measurements as entered and contact me if you ran into the same problem.


Icehawk April 23, 2010

I chose inches but it ended up saving my #s as metric and not allowing me to go back.


Claus April 26, 2010

Editing your profile now includes the measurement unit.

@Icehawk: Thanks, I will look into that. If you now edit your measurements, it should be as simple as switching the unit.

@bmf895, you will need to re-enter the original measurements, since you manually switched them to metric. Sorry about that. :(

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