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One way to improve the utility of this site would be to allow users to view ANY rating for ANY last, regardless of the size. In particular, it would be very useful to see the relative comparisons from people who have rated more than one last regardless of whether they have a similar foot size to you.

For example, say my ideal size is a 9D in a particular Alden last and I'm thinking about purchasing shoes in a UK size. If there was another user who is, say, a size 11D in that same Alden last, says it fits perfectly, and has also reported that a UK 10.5 for a particular last is a tad too roomy but that a UK 10 fits perfectly, this is information that can be very valuable.

I might be missing something on this site, but it appears that I am only able to see ratings/information on shoes that are very similar to my own size. The vast majority of information contained on the site is hidden from me. Even though such info doesn't pertain directly to my size, I would still like to see it.

The best format would be to allow users to see other "user profiles" that show every shoe/last that user has rated. An expanded comments section under each rating would also help tremendously. A great way to increase user participation would be to allow other users to post question/comments on "user profiles", and perhaps additionally start a "forum" section that allows more direct inter-communication from users.

This site is a great idea, but I think you could do a lot more to make it more user friendly and more useful as a whole.

Good luck with it!

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Claus Feb. 16, 2012

Thanks for the feedback.

If I understand your first suggestion correctly, the 'Similar Fittings' method provides just that. The software analyses all meaningful pairwise comparisons between the ratings of a single member and aggregates across all members. This is then used to calculate the fit estimations presented under "Similar Fittings".

For your convenience, all sizes are converted automatically to the sizes you rated. For example, imaging a member rated an Alden last in US 11-D and an English last in UK 10-F and UK 10.5-F. If you rated the same Alden last in US 9-D, both ratings for the English lasts are shown to you. But they are converted to UK 8-F, and UK 8.5-F, respectively.

In contrast to the 'Optimal Fittings' method, there is just no detail view.

Concerning your second suggestion about user profiles, and a forum:

I've made Sizeadvisors, so we don't have to read tons of forum posts, or study hundreds of ratings. Most members also don't speak English as their native language. To them, a structured interface is easier to deal with. It's also easier to translate which I hope to be able to do one day. This cannot be done with forum posts, or comments.

Another goal was to provide some privacy, so that people don't have to share their entire shoe collection on the Internet. I also thought people might like to have a site that is not trying to be yet another Facebook, packed with social features.

However, you're the second or third member to ask for something like that. I think I'll run a survey to get a broader feedback about public user profiles, user2user communication, and other social features.

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