My calculated shoe sizes


My calculated shoe sizes are:

(UK) 7.5
(US) 8.5
(EU) 41.0

Only the EU size is correct. I'm definitely US8 unless the shoe runs small, and UK7 on all the English dress shoes I've tried so far.

If you look at Brannock's conversion chart (, EU 41 corresponds to US8, and just barely to UK7.5. (It would explain why I find UK7.5 too loose.)

I guess this web site is using my measurements in centimetres, which would put me at US8.5 (again, I'm not quite there). Also, the recommendations are based on my larger foot.

My point here is that shoes should fit fairly well throughout the day. Since I'm barely US8.5/UK7.5, shoes in that size would be too loose in mornings or when my feet aren't very warm. (I'm definitely US8/UK7 in mornings or on cold days, in other words.)

Even with shoes in US8/UK7, I've yet to find a perfect fit. This will become clearer when I add my ratings later this week.

So, the recommendations produced so far aren't very helpful to me, but interesting to read nonetheless.

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Claus June 1, 2011

Hi, cz5kwy!

Thanks for the feedback. Please check the blog post here:

The shoes sizes calculated under 'Profile' work for the majority of users as you can see in the figures, they make sense from a theoretical point of view, they are consistent with other information I have. Thus, I'm fairly confident they are correct.

Probably, your foot shape is rather flat or narrow (compared to the average of all people), hence you size down.

However, possibly you can get recommendations for 'similar fittings' based on your ratings. These are probably closed to the size you expect. Good luck!

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