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Would it be possible to see a list of shoes/lasts that I might like based on my ratings? For example, I like the Edward Green 202 in 9F, but I'm trying to find out how I'd like the Alden Barrie last (and what size to get). Currently if nobody w/ my same size feet likes the Barrie then I don't see anything... but what if the search was expanded to include all people who rated both an EG-202 and an Alden-Barrie? While it's not as good as matching based on the similar feet, it would be helpful to know that someone who wears a size 7F in the EG-202 ALSO wears (and likes) a 7.5EEE in the Alden Barrie.

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Claus Sept. 8, 2010

Hi, there! Thanks for the suggestion.

It should be possible to add a function that lets you search for a special last, say the Alden Barrie. However, it's not as easy as it sounds.

First, for most comparisons, you'd get no results, at all, due to the currently available number of ratings. Second, even if there's someone who rated both, you'd probably get something like

* "3" for the 202 EG in 7F and
* "4" for the Alden Barrie in 7.5EEE

Let's say you think the 202 EG in 7F fits like a "4". How would you interpret the Barrie rating? That's not a rhetorical question. I'm seriously interested in the answer.

In general: yes, it would be possible to do this for single searches.

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