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I am told that there is no user with feet similar to mine, so there is nothing to recommend. I'd like to be able to browse the ratings that have been submitted. (Otherwise the site currently has nothing to offer me.) Maybe that is something you have planned when you have enough data.



Claus May 21, 2010

I've developed something similar just yesterday. The changes are uploaded, so check your sidebar and give it a try.

As usual, I would really appreciate feedback: Is the function obvious or do I need to add an explanation, a different text, etc.?


DocJott June 21, 2010

Am I blind? How can I browse this feature?


Claus June 21, 2010

I was talking about the 'Wanted ratings' feature. I probably should have made this more clear.

I've read to this request a few times, now, but I really can't understand what a plain list of ratings would be good for. You guys need to help me here, please.


DocJott June 22, 2010

Such list would be good to see why certain sizes do not fit.


In my recommendations I do not see Last XYZ in size 123.

It would be nice to see WHY las xyz in size 123 is NO recommendation for me.


DocJott June 22, 2010

Another possbile scenario:

Last A in size X fits user 1.

Last A in size X+2 fits user 2.

I am in between. So, probably, last A in size X+1 could be a winner for me.


Claus June 25, 2010

@ DocJott: Concerning the first suggestion: This is already possible.

You just don't see many of these, because people close to you either didn't try last XYZ in size 123, or -- if they did - they didn't submit a rating for it.

There may be ratings for XYZ in size 123 by others. But these are not close to you; their ratings are thus not applicable.

However, concerning your second suggestion: I think that might be possible, provided there are enough ratings for a particular last.

I'll try to add that as soon as possible.

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  • Downing by Loake on the Capital last by Loake in UK 10.5-F
  • 975 by Alden on the Barrie last by Alden in US 13.0-C
  • Coniston by Crockett & Jones on the 325 last by Crockett & Jones in UK 10.0-E
  • Ashdown by Crockett & Jones on the 341 last by Crockett & Jones in UK 9.5-E
  • Anglesey by Loake on the Capital last by Loake in UK 10.0-F

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