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What Experts Can Tell You About Toe Allowance (Part 2)

Last week, I've discussed what shoe measuring device makers, and professional shoe fitters consider a sufficient, or ideal toe allowance. These groups differ slightly in their opinion, the first using a value of 2 UK/US units, while the latter recommends a value of 1.5 UK/US units. Here's the second part, where I look at podiatrists, and shoes manufacturers.

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What Experts Can Tell You About Toe Allowance (Part 1)

Shoe lasts are not perfect images of a person's feet; a last maker makes certain allowances or differences to a person's measurements to make a last fit. In this post, I look at the toe allowance, also called toe recede; that's the extra space in front of your toes to the tip of the last. It's often just called (the) allowance due to its prominence. Obviously, it matters. But what do the experts say about it?

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