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On, Off, On, Off... How much time have you wasted trying to find shoes that fit?

After all, shoes should not just fit; they should look good, last long, and provide good value. Getting proper shoes is such an issue people sometimes settle for shoes that don't fit – simply because a particular model or style is not available in the right size.

But what if... you could know the fit of shoes you haven't tried yet?

Just imagine there would be a way to know what shoes fit perfectly. Or what shoe sizes for a particular shoe model would fit best. What would that mean? For one thing, you'd be able to buy shoes that fit:

  • You'd be more likely to find a local store. When you have a good idea which size you'll need, local dealers are more likely to order the model you want. After all, they also like to sell shoes instead of just stocking them.
  • You'd be more likely to find dealers in other cities. Don't risk to travel long distances just to get disappointed. When you have a good idea which size fits, it's easy to call and ask whether they stock the model you want in the size you need.
  • You'd be less likely to return shoes when you buy online. Sending shoes back is not just a hassle, it may also be expensive – especially when you order international to get high-quality shoes from abroad.

So, if you knew the right shoes size for a certain shoe brand, you'd save quite some time in the long run. You'd also reduce the chances to lose money because you bought shoes that don't really fit.

Wouldn't that be great?

Well, there might be a way! Here's how...

When you're looking for a restaurant, you can ask people which ones they would recommend. If their taste is similar to yours and you know it, you can trust their recommendations.

It's different for shoes, though. Usually, there's no point in asking a friend about good fitting shoes: his feet are likely to be different to yours. But what if you could find someone with similar feet?

This is what makes Sizeadvisors unique: It's not one of those shoes size conversion tables that ignore your particular feet and the differences between shoes brands.

Instead, it uses fitting data by real people to compare your feet to other people's feet, and then recommends shoes that those people have already found to fit well!

This way, you don't have to test hundreds of shoes yourself.

All you need to do is provide fit ratings for shoes you've already tried, or measure your feet. Your fit ratings and your measurements enable others to learn from your experience, while you can learn from their experience, as well. This way, you get a better overview what shoes might fit, and in the long run, you don't have to try shoes over and over, again.

So, why don't you give it a try? It only takes a couple of minutes to get started.

Let's fix the shoe sizing problem once and for all.

What you need to know before you join...

Sizeadvisors currently has ALPHA status: It may contain bugs, incomplete sections, and gets updated every now and then. But it's fun to participate if you already care about good fitting shoes.

Additionally, there are some other issues:

  • Men's shoes, only: Sizeadvisors concentrates on men's shoes. These are more likely to provide the relevant data, especially which last was used to build a certain shoe model.
  • Certain brands, only: Sizeadvisors concentrates on a small number of shoe brands during testing stage. Again, these are more likely to provide the data Sizeadvisors needs for making recommendations.
  • No support for orthotics: Sizeadvisors has yet no way to recommend shoes if you need to wear orthotics or other pedorthic devises.
  • No sales: Sizeadvisors will sell no shoes. You've got to go elsewhere to try and buy recommended shoes.

Also – while the software is continuously improved to make the best recommendations possible – there will never be such a thing as a risk-free purchase. Some shoe brands may not quality-control for constant fit. Occasionally, shoes may be labeled with the wrong size or width. Sometimes, shoes may even change their fit during the first weeks of wear.

What can you lose?

Sizeadvisors is provided for free, as a service to the community of men dedicated to quality shoes. Your privacy is respected, and your e-mail address is not shared. It only takes a couple of minutes to join.

Entering a rating for your best-fitting pair of shoes is easy, and a second later, you get an initial list of shoes that fit similar to yours if your shoes were already rated by other members.

Why don't you give it a try?

Wanted ratings

  • Alt English 2 by Vass on the F last by Vass in EU 42.5
  • Alt English by Vass on the F last by Vass in EU 43.0-D
  • Loake Aldwych by Loake on the Capital last by Loake in UK 8.5-F
  • Loake Aldwych by Loake on the Capital last by Loake in UK 9.0-F
  • Pembrey by Church's on the 126 last by Church's in UK 11.0-G

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