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Great work! (Closed)

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Sizing out (Solved)

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Out by at least 2 sizes (Solved)

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Too big or too small would help more (Closed)

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I can't add my correct instep girth. (Solved)

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This site is fucked up!! (Closed)

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Löschung (Closed)

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Uk size range to small (Solved)

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Carlos santos (Solved)

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J.loïc orange (Solved)

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Loake last capital (Solved)

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Wolverine (Closed)

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Red wing (Closed)

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Stefano bemer and schuhe & handwerk münchen (Solved)

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Oliver grey (Solved)

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New suggestion: ducker & son (Solved)

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Comparisons outside of one's size (New)

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Recommendations (Closed)

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New shoebrand (Solved)

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Enzo bonafe (Solved)

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  • Hiro Oxford by Meermin on the Hiro last by Meermin in UK 11.0-E
  • Eton by Loake on the 019 last by Loake in UK 8.0-F
  • Dover by Edward Green on the 202 last by Edward Green in UK 8.0-E
  • 204 by Yanko on the 915 last by Yanko in US 6.5
  • 552 by Yanko on the 961 last by Yanko in UK 6.5

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